MRCOG part 2 information

MRCOG part 2 FAQ's

When is the next sitting of the MRCOG part 2?

Exam date Applications open Applications closes Results
3 July 2024 23 April 2024 30 May 2024 31 July 2024
January 2025 TBC TBC TBC

How much does the MRCOG part 2 cost?

This depends on which country you are in. The 2024 fee for UK RCOG members the MRCOG Part 2 costs £534 to sit. For members in Band A countries the cost is £644, Band B countries £555 and Band C countries £443. To find out your country band click on the link below

MRCOG Country Bands

What is the pass rate for the MRCOG Part 2?

There is no pre-determined mark for passing the MRCOG part 2. This varies from exam to exam. In terms of the percentage of candidates that pass overall typically only 20-30% of candidates will pass at their first sitting.

What is the format of the MRCOG Part 2?

The MRCOG part 2 consists of two papers. Each paper comprises 50 SBA and 50 EMQ format questions making a total of 100 SBA questions and 100 EMQ questions over the two papers. Candidates have 3 hours to sit each paper making the exam 6 hours long in total. There is a 1 hour lunch break typically between papers. The SBA questions account for 40% of the mark and EMQs 60%

Where can i get more information on the MRCOG part 2?

For venue details, candidate instructions and more further information take a look at the RCOG website. Links to their site are shown in the footer along with other vaulable revision tools.